At the moment, the fact that Helen has left work (hooray!) and that we have got the website up is our biggest news! Not even Helen's departure date is set yet though it will be some time in mid-late October: perhaps the 18th, 19th or 20th. The next month will be spent finding out about which Visas are needed for where, planning the itinerary just a leetle bit more closely, finding out what the weather will be like where, and when, working out resulting impact on itinerary (!), emptying flat, developing CV before all professional skills and accomplishments are buried too deeply in memory by intervening events, selling car, loaning furniture out, storing stuff, seeing who wants to join the journey, and if so, when, catching up with people, spending time 'just chilling', etc etc. You get the picture. Stay tuned.

The tiles on this page are of the Treasury at Petra in Jordan, viewed through the Siq. |Click here to view the original photo|