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This website was originally designed to publish information about Helen Flynn's trip across Asia which started in Istanbul, Turkey in late October 1999. Helen arrived in Beijing in late March 2000, and was based there as a student of Mandarin until January 2001. After another overland trip westwards to Kyrgyzstan, she arrived in Australia in April 2001 with the intention of writing a book about the foods and food customs of the countries she had crossed. The book remains unfinished, to its detriment, but in the meantime Helen has gained a TEFL certificate , lived and worked in Mongolia on behalf of the Australian government and married a wonderful man she met in Syria in 1999. Her latest diversion from completing the manuscript is the urgent challenge to master Arabic in her effort to get on in her new environment. But she still hopes to finish the book - next year, perhaps?

The aim of the site at first was to keep friends and family up to date with Helen's activities, to publish the highlights (and low points!) of her journeys, and to enable you to contact Helen. This is still a primary goal, but we realise that the vast majority of visitors to the site these days are total strangers from all over the world. We hope that you find the information here - the journal accounts, the photos, and the miscellaneous images of anything from napkins to banknotes (which is updated rather less regualarly than the rest) interesting, entertaining, and useful.

Richard Flynn, the best of brothers, very kindly continues to be the webmaster - these days acting mostly in the role of developing the presentation and navigation of the growing volume of text and images. When necessary he still also edits updates that Helen may send in by post or e-mail from various places and publishes new content to the site.

If you have any comments about or suggestions for this site we would love to hear from you! Comments for Richard, the webmaster, should be directed to webmaster@helenflynn.net. Comments and questions for Helen should go to Helen@Flynn.net

The tiles that are shown on the pages are from photos, mostly of architectural details, that Helen has taken. Below each set of tiles (or below the bottom one where there are two sets on a page) a link is given to the original photo. You can see all the tiles used, along with several others, in the Close-ups section of the Gallery.

The cascading menu system was designed by Angus Turnbull - you can find more information about it, and download it for your own use, from TwinHelix.

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The tiles on this page come from the Masjid-e-Pa-Minar in Kerman, Iran. |Click here to see the original image |